Higher Strand House Granted Rear Extension

An extension to a house on Higher Strand, that planners had previously said should be refused, has been granted following amendments to the plans.

Council Planning Consultant, Bill Wilson had recommended refusal for the rear extension to Plumb Cottage on the grounds of design and loss of privacy to neighbouring properties.

Neighbours wrote a letter saying the new design overcame the privacy issues but they remained concerned about drainage and whether the building would impinge on their property.

However, Mr Wilson told Councillors that the new plans were now approvable but with a condition that the development must not encroach on neighbouring land.

Councillor Fred Ticehurst said that, although he now supported the application, work sometimes takes place that isn’t in compliance with the drawings. He added that has happened on a previous occasion “leading to a long-standing issue before this committee.”

He wants the work to be checked as it proceeds.

Councillor Chris Savill felt it was difficult for committee members to decide, as access to the site was difficult and Councillor Richard McCarthy said the detail was unclear. He felt they should have arranged a site visit.

Councillor David Pearson said the while the frontage of the cottages had been maintained, the rear was a “higgledy-piggledy collection of addenda.” He said he was ambivalent to the proposed development and didn’t think he could vote either way.

Councillor Dudley Mumford agreed, saying the rear of these properties was overdeveloped, but supported the application “with some hesitation.”

The application was passed with Councillor Pearson abstaining.