Fishermen Seek Grants To Improve Ice Store

Commercial fishermen using the ice plant on the quay are to investigate grant funding to improve the efficiency and viability of their facility.

Their meeting at the Slip Inn on Thursday heard that Chairman Robert Francis is to investigate what grants may be on offer to fund machinery or better insulation.

The listed building near the Sibleys Store has been used for over 10 years and Maritime Officer Steve Watt, who attended the meeting, says although there is no longer significant wet fish caught on the islands, the cold store benefits islanders landing lobster and crab before it’s transported by the ferry to Newlyn.

The plant can continue while funding is sourced after the electricity company made a goodwill payment to the Association.

They’ve had an 18-month dispute after members received a larger bill than expected. The provider failed to switch the ice plant over to the cheaper rate, Economy 7 tariff as requested.