Plans To Improve School Access Routes Unveiled

Consultants have suggested the best way to provide safer pedestrian access to the new school from Old Town after parents raised concerns over the dangers to children walking to the new school, particularly in winter.

The School Project Board has heard the advice of Cornwall Council’s Engineering team, who favour a path alongside the sea wall of Old Town Bay.

Their plan using paving slabs would cost around £100,000 but Phil Osmond of Mace says the Council’s Chief Technical Officer felt there could be cheaper ways to achieve the same solution.

The experts’ report rules out using Trench Lane or the Watermeadow as an access route due to cost.

Phil says the consultants felt a roadside path was best as people always take the shortest route.

Cornwall’s report also makes recommendations on improving pedestrian access on the path by the waste management site as well as discussing maintenance issues relating to the Old Hill access route to the Carn Gwaval site.

These suggestions will go to the Planning Committee for approval in February.

In the meantime a temporary plastic fence will go up around 1.2m from the seawall to separate walkers and cars.


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