New Farm Buildings Approved

The existing sheds at Little Arthur Farm

Councillors have approved a new timber barn at Little Arthur Farm on St Martin’s.

Two existing iron sheds will be knocked down and replaced under the plans.

The new structure will be used to store potatoes for the fish and chip shop nearby.

The new workspace will be 83sqm larger but Chief Planning Officer Craig Dryden felt it would tidy up the site and islander Ben Julian of Churchtown Farm wrote in support of the visual improvement it would offer.

Councillor Christine Savill supported the application, as the shed would be well screened.

The applicant has stated that none of the surrounding Elm Trees will be lost and a bat survey found lots of cobwebs, indicating that the protected mammals are not present.

Planners also allowed a new farm building at Borough Farm on St Mary’s. It will be used for flower packing and tying and as a farm goods shop.

Another existing farm building, nearest to Maypole, which is used to store hay and tractors, will be reclad to make it more in keeping with the area.

Craig felt it was acceptable but wanted the new building moved closer to existing structures.

However the applicant said it couldn’t be closer than 7m.

Councillor Richard McCarthy told the meeting that you have to take into account the everyday workings of a farm and that the acceptance of that point was common sense.

Archaeologists will monitor development. They claim one of the largest barrows on the island gave its name to Borough Farm, a possible corruption of Barrow. The late Miss Watts, of Watermill is quoted as remembering a possible chambered cairn in a field, but it was not visible in the area in a 1978 survey.