Islands’ Doctors To Get State-Of-The-Art X-Ray System

The Health Centre on St Mary's

Doctors in Scilly may soon have access to a state-of-the-art digital X-ray machine.

Dr Francis Old from the Helston-based medical practice, which currently runs our Health Centre, says he’s hoping the new facility will be up and running in the next few months, following alterations that need to be made to accommodate the system at the hospital.

The existing machine at the hospital has been out of action for some time and patients have had to travel to the mainland for routine X-rays.

But Dr Old says the new system will be digital, rather than using old-fashioned film. This means X-rays can be sent to the mainland for review by a consultant, making diagnosis faster and easier for the patient and saving on the cost and inconvenience of travel.

He says he’s in the process of getting the islands-based GPs, Dr Schwarz and Dr Hessing, trained to use the equipment, which will provide round-the-clock access to emergency X-rays.

Dr Old says they’re also looking to obtain a blood testing system for the hospital which again, could allow data to be sent to the mainland for specialist review and would make a significant impact on the time it currently takes to get results.