Health Watchdog Want To Hear About Travel Problems

The LINk offices in Hugh Town

The Islands’ health watchdog group wants evidence of the problems that mainland travel can cause medical patients.

Carol Clarke of The LINk wants facts on how delays, limited services and technical problems can affect patients travelling to appointments in Cornwall and how expert’s visits to the islands have been cancelled.

There have been some improvements in systems for booking a first appointment as island patients should now be called to see whether its possible to meet a timeslot.

Carol says you should always point out where you are from when talking to booking clerks at the hospital. Similarly, when you arrive at the hospital you should also tell them and you’ll be put at the top of the queue.

And she says patients are still being discharged from Treliske at times when it is hard to get home to Scilly.

Carol says NHS are trying to do the right thing and get people home as soon as possible but don’t realise that patients from Scilly might need the extra night to be able to get home.

She says its important that people making decisions over future transport services should be aware of patient concerns.

If you have experienced any of this issues then please contact Carol at the LINk office.