Health Centre To Get Two New GPs With Unique Island Experience

St Mary's Health Centre

The Health Centre will be gaining two new female GPs in January and the new doctors are no strangers to island life.

They’re moving over to Scilly from a GP practice in the Falkland Islands.

Dr Francis Old, from the Helston Medical Centre, the practice that runs our Health Centre on a temporary contract awarded last July, says they’ve spent several months recruiting into the role.

He says he’s delighted to have found two highly experienced people who also understand the challenges of practicing medicine in an island community.

The post had been covered by a locum, Dr Maggie Gringhuis, from the Helston practice, and the two doctors will be job-sharing the role

They will join Dr Randolph Hessing and Dr Stephan Schwarz who will be remaining as permanent GPs at the Health Centre.

Dr Old also confirmed that the Helston Medical Practice will be bidding for a longer-term contract to run the St Mary’s Health Centre when it’s offered for tender next year.

The Helston Practice has already agreed to a request by the PCT to provide a 6-month extension when the current contract runs out in July.

Dr Old said it can be difficult to plan and invest for the future under such a temporary arrangement, but this hasn’t disadvantaged the Health Centre in any way.

He said they had entered into the arrangement to run the St Mary’s practice with a long-term view, and their recruitment of the new GPs is a clear indication of that.

Dr Old added that, being part of a larger group practice will allow doctors based in Scilly to maintain their training and experience through regular periods spent working with colleagues on the mainland.