Penzance To Select Final Quay Options

Penzance Harbour

A group of eight people will decide the final options for the Quay plans in Penzance today and then the public will feed back on their favourites.

The Penzance Harbour Scheme Management Board has been scoring 14 different versions of the harbour plan, developed from the recent public consultation.

Member Dick Cliffe told us the group will whittle down the options by scoring them against agreed criteria.

Expert input has been offered from an English Heritage associate but Dick says higher weighting will be given to affordability and economic factors.

The Steamship Company’s Kevin Ayres also offered input yesterday.

Many Penzance locals have backed plans for Albert Pier as a base, but Kevin warned that the 6m tidal reach would present challenges.

Earlier this week, Council Chair and former Steamship Company Chairman, Mike Hicks, spoke against the idea of a separate facility for putting goods in containers before they are brought to the quay.

Kevin also explained that the Gry Maritha can’t handle more than six containers and many items are put on pallets.

The Penzance project steering group and consultants Hyder plan to prepare three final schemes, with some add-on options which may include the out-of-town freight handling centre.

Finalised proposals need to be ready in February.

MP Andrew George has restated that the St Mary’s quay project won’t be funded by the Department for Transport until the Penzance scheme is also ready.