School Attendance Record Improving

Headteacher of the Five Islands School, Bryce Wilby

The level of absenteeism at the Five Islands School has fallen.

It’s not truancy that’s affecting the attendance figures. It’s parents taking their pupils out of school for holidays or, in some case, the additional time required for medical trips to the mainland.

This term, there’s been 96% attendance, which is rated as outstanding.

Last year, the figure was 94% which is satisfactory but borderline.

It’s a concern for headteacher Bryce Wilby because OFSTED can view anything below 94% attendance as a problem and mark the school performance down.

Bryce says parents who require more than 10 days out of school will be fined £50 by the Council and some of them are so used to it that they even ask him whether it’s easier just posting the cheque.

But Bryce says it’s serious because by year 11, a student with a 90% attendance record will have lost the equivalent of a year of schooling.