Plans Submitted For Permanent Moorings At Porthcressa

A St Mary’s resident wants to place permanent visitor moorings in Porthcressa Bay.

The application by Charlie Carss of Little Porth has been submitted to the Marine Management Organisation, the body responsible for marine licensing in English inshore and offshore waters.

Porthcressa Bay is a popular mooring place for visiting yachtsmen who can avoid paying the fees for St Mary’s Harbour.

At present there are no permanent visitor moorings in this area and the plan is to bury twenty individual mooring sinkers on the seabed.

Harbourmaster Dale Clark told us the plan does not affect their own operations in St Mary’s Harbour as yachts already moor in the Porthcressa area.

However, he’s concerned that if a charge is made for mooring in Porthcressa, this could force non-paying yachts further out into more dangerous areas of the bay.

There were two incidents this summer when moored yachts had to be rescued by Coastguards off Porthcressa after drifting onto rocks.

Dale also thinks that yachts paying to moor overnight will prefer the facilities on offer in the harbour, such as free WiFi, showers and refuse disposal.

However, according to the Council’s Maritime Officer, Steve Watt, The Porthcressa regeneration plans will improve shower and toilet facilities for yacht crew under the Schiller shelter.

Chief Planning Officer Craig Dryden says the application does not fall under the jurisdiction of the Town Hall as it’s on the seabed, below the waterline and Steve Watt says Natural England are happy with the proposal.

The applicant will still need to gain the approval of Crown Estates, who manage most of the seabed around the UK and the application is expected to go before the MMO by Christmas.

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