Old Town Sea Defences Bring Flood Of Complaints

The addition of wooden blocks to heighten the sea defences at Old Town Bay has brought a tremendous number of complaints to Councillors, according to the planning Chairman Amanda Martin.

In September, we received many calls from islanders upset by the changes made to the sea wall.

Amanda says members have been on a site visit and the matter will be taken seriously.

Fred Ticehurst says it’s not attractive and locals have stopped him to say they feel the appearance of the bay has been spoiled.

Chief Planning Officer Craig Dryden pointed out that the provisional plans were presented in a planning meeting in July and members had approved the plans. The concept was also discussed in December 2009.

Craig said there were some concerns about the quality of the finish and the appearance of the bolted-on blocks and he was taking this up with the contractors.

Councillor Richard McCarthy felt that members only agreed to add wood because they were told concrete was impossible and Councillor Martin added that the whole issue was a “murky” area.


One Response to Old Town Sea Defences Bring Flood Of Complaints

  1. fran clark December 1, 2011 at 9:39 am

    Perhaps someone in the council could look at removing the bolts/screws sticking out at 90 degreees from the wall that remain following the removal of the drain covers. I am no fan of the health and safety brigade but how anyone can leave these as they are when children and animals are in close proximity to the wall just astounds me.
    I feel the whole sea defence claim has been undertaken by stealth, residents were kept in the dark and the justification for such defences are flimsy to say the least. I am no engineer but surely drilling bit holes in a wall which has maintained the defences pretty well over the years might weaken the whole structure anyway?
    My children want to walk on the wall -so far it has been too wet and slippery – but plenty of children making their own way to shool will ignore the risks
    It looks terrrible and it has taken away some of the beauty of old town bay – plus I have to look at the shambolic wood everyday. It’s not as if the blocks are lined up neatly!
    Finally the idea of protecting the school from strom surges is fine but if there’s so much concern that sea water is on the way and heading for school you might just want to fill in the extensive gap at the Nowhere end of the new “sea wall”. Just a suggestion…