New RE Syllabus Recommended For School

The Five Islands School

Members of the Isles of Scilly Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE) have recommended the adoption a new RE syllabus for the Five Islands School.

The four sub committees, representing Church of England, other faiths, school staff and the Council, each recommended moving to a syllabus provided by North Somerset Education Authority.

The school are currently teaching according to one provided by Surrey.

The recommendation had originally been made and recorded in the previous meeting’s minutes on 20th September with the intention of being submitted to Full Council on September 29th.

However, the minutes had been challenged by a member of the public as not being a true reflection of the decision made, so needed to be approved again by the group.

It is now expected that this will go before Full Council this month. The delay means the initial date for introduction of the new syllabus, in January 2012, will have to be put back to at least September.

Headmaster Bryce Wilby said teaching staff preferred the Somerset syllabus because it encouraged the kids to interpret information, thoughts and themes rather than being fact-based.

The syllabus will need to be revised for local need. Classes here are 50 minutes duration but in North Somerset they are an hour long.