Council To Pursue More Debtors Through Court

The Council is to threaten more of its debtors with court action, after the success of the Magistrate’s Court last Friday in collecting outstanding Council tax, says Director of Finance, Peter Lawrence.

He told yesterday’s Council meeting that he wants to use the court to tackle overdue non-domestic rates, water and sewerage, and trade waste accounts.

There was a total outstanding debt of £85,000 a week before Friday’s court but 17 payments, totalling £8,300 came in beforehand.

Councillor Fred Ticehurst said it may be drastic but it did succeed and he hopes of the remaining debt would be cleared in a short time.

He pointed out that “it’s surprisingly how quickly it gets paid into court”.

Richard McCarthy felt £85,000 was a lot of money to have outstanding. He wants debts dealt with six months after the Council tax bill.

Peter Lawrence explained that the sum had built up because it had been difficult arranging court hearings but now they have a better relationship with the West Cornwall Magistrate’s Court.