Transport Committee Vote For Increased Responsibility

Council Chamber at the Old Wesleyan Chapel

Members of the Council’s Transport Select Committee have voted to enhance their responsibilities and to take on all aspects of transport within, and to and from, the islands.

Part of that committee’s role has been to oversee the Route Partnership sea link.

But Chairman Dudley Mumford pointed out that since the transport minister rejected the scheme in March their main duty was defunct.

Fred Ticehurst opposed plans to take on airport responsibilities, which currently fall within the General Purposes Committee that he chairs.

He pointed out that committee’s successes at length.

He suggested that the Transport Committee was being predatory, trawling around looking for something that justified a larger portfolio.

But Marian Bennett said that wasn’t the case. The airport infrastructure would remain within Fred’s committee and the new committee would be more concerned with routes in and out of the airport.

The full Council will still have to agree to the change next month.