UPDATED School Likely To Close On Wednesday Due To Strike

The Five Islands School

A large part of the St Mary’s school base, along with the St Agnes and Tresco-Bryher bases, will close tomorrow due to the national public sector strike.

Teachers and support workers met yesterday evening and headteacher of the Five Islands School, Bryce Wilby, says it’s clear that they won’t be able to fully open the secondary base.

That’s because around a dozen of the 28 teachers have stated they will take part in union action and some staff have still not announced their intention.

Neither of the two staff at the St Martin’s base are striking so lessons will go ahead as normal there.

Teachers who turn up for work will be paid and will prepare lessons.

It’s not yet clear what will happen to off–island pupils who board at Mundesley House.

There will be no school lunches and no day care has been arranged at this stage.

Bryce is set to talk with the Council later but off–island kids may have to return home after school tomorrow and remain home for tomorrow’s day of action.

The Council have told us they do not expect any serious disruption to their services on the islands.

Penny Penn-Howard, the Council’s Director of Community Services says that, while they expect around 25 out of their 180 workers here to strike, there should be sufficient cover to avoid serious disruption.

She says all Park House and Emergency Planning staff will be working as normal.

It is expected that up to three million public sector workers nationwide will walk out in protest over the Government’s proposed public sector pension’s reform.


UPDATED Full details from the School:

  • St Agnes base will be closed to pupils
  • Tresco Bryher base will be closed to pupils
  • St Martin’s base will be open as usual

Carn Gwaval base will be partially operational as follows:

  • School will be closed to all secondary pupils
  • Pupils staying at Mundesley will be at home on Wednesday and return on Thursday
  • Red class (nursery) will be open as usual
  • Orange class will be open as usual
  • Yellow class will be closed to pupils
  • Green class will be closed to pupils
  • Blue class will be open as usual
  • Indigo class will be closed to pupils

Carn Gwaval base will not be offering cooked lunches for pupils so all pupils in school for lunch-time will need to bring their own packed lunch in