Coastwatch Plans Moving Ahead

Telegraph Tower

Plans to form a St Mary’s branch of the national group, Coastwatch, are moving ahead.

The organisation, which uses 44 sites around the coast of England and Wales for volunteer lookouts, was formed after two sailors drowned off the Lizard just two weeks after a Coastguard station closed in 1992.

The organisation will be based in the Telegraph Tower after leasee, Peter Laverock, agreed they could use of the top floor.

Boscastle organiser John Davis, whose brother Terry lives on St Martin’s, visited the tower yesterday and will meet with Duchy Land Steward, Chris Gregory tomorrow.

From Radio Scilly

Steve Watt talks to John Davis about Coastwatch on Radio Scilly’s Maritime Show

John says there are some key questions the new group needs to address, particularly around finding sufficient volunteers and whether they can raise enough cash locally to keep the service going.

He says the chosen base for the organisation is good now they just need around forty locals to step up and help out.

John says he is keen to hear from anyone who could commit to at least one watch a week, usually of four hours duration.