First Winter Scalextric Challenges Takes Place

There’s a sign winter has arrived in Scilly. The first of the Sunday evening Scalextric races took place at the airport last night.

Any islander is welcome to turn up and race fellow residents on over 100 feet of track laid around the Airfayre Lounge.

Nigel Young and Carol Drage hosted the challenge and provided the food.

Nigel said it’s just a bit of fun although he added it can get pretty competitive too.

He said he used to have a small circuit in his house and invite friends round to have a go. But over the years it’s grown as people have given him more track and now the only place it’ll fit is at the airport.

And during the evening there was an incident that doesn’t affect Formula One.

Someone spilled snacks on the track and there was a short wait while that was cleared up.

See our photos of the event here.