Damage To Wildlife Trust Fences Resumes

Police on St Mary’s are investigating fresh reports of damage to Wildlife Trust fences.

Sergeant Colin Taylor says posts have been deliberately ripped from the ground and electric wires cut in several places on Peninnis Head, close to the lighthouse.

Colin says a dog walker spotted the damage and tried to put the posts back in the ground but their dog got an electric shock.

He added that, whoever is doing this does not appreciate the consequences of their actions especially if cattle get out and wander onto the road.

We reported several incidences of damage on Peninnis and the Garrison over the summer, the last one during the June Bank Holiday when animals escaped and had to be rounded up.

At the time, the Trust believed these incidents were linked to the strong opposition to their land management policy, which favours the use of cattle and horses to graze penned in areas.

Objectors don’t like the fencing and some believe the local landscape has been affected by the grazing.

Colin says the latest incident resulted in around £50 of damage and the person responsible could face charges of criminal damage if caught.

He has appealed for anyone with information to contact him at St Mary’s police station.