Police Tell St Mary’s Woman To Turn Down X Factor

A St Mary’s woman has lodged a complaint against the islands’ police with the Independent Police Complaints Commission after an officer told her to turn down the X-Factor.

Three weeks ago, Angela Mallon was watching the Saturday evening edition of the ITV talent contest with friends at home in Garrison Lane when a male officer stood at her open front door and told her that her telly was too loud.

Angela says she is unhappy at the way in which she was addressed, alleging he was brusque.

And she says seeing a policeman standing there made her fear the worst, that something had happened to a family member.

Scilly’s Police Sergeant, Colin Taylor, wouldn’t comment beyond confirming a complaint had been handled and that he supports his team in their efforts to address noise issues.

Angela says the volume was loud but not so high that she and her friends couldn’t talk over it.

She says she intends watching the programme tonight but the volume may not be so high, as her favourite, Jonny Robinson, was voted off the show two weeks ago.