Magistrates Issue Liability Orders for Unpaid Council Tax

The Old Wesleyan Chapel

Magistrates on St Mary’s have issued liability orders to 21 people for the recovery of outstanding Council Tax debts.

The orders were issued at a sitting of West Cornwall Magistrates at the Old Wesleyan Chapel on Friday.

A total debt of £59,514 is owed to the Council, covering 22 properties on St Mary’s St Martin’s and Tresco, and some of the debt dates back over three years.

Two people on the list are current or former Council workers.

The orders require them to pay their debt in full or make a suitable arrangement to pay off the debt. They also incur a further penalty of £20.

If arrangements are not made, the Town Hall will be able to take steps to bring in bailiffs to recover the amount owed.

Chairman, Mike Hicks, said, “The Council needs to recover its debts to continue to help fund some of our most vital services on the island. It is not fair to those that pay on time, for others not to contribute to their community.”

A statement from the Town Hall says there is an increasing level of action that can be taken by the authority to collect the debts if they are not now paid off, including committal to prison if payment has been ‘deliberately refused’ or ‘neglected’.