Survey Of Harbour Seabed Commissioned

The increased number of cruise ships visiting our islands means it is prudent to get an accurate picture of the seabed in and around the harbour and at the off island quays.

St Mary’s harbourmaster, Dale Clark, has commissioned a hydrographic survey starting on January 9th.

It will take less than a week for the Duchy of Cornwall’s contractor to complete the echo sound and sonar work on a specially equipped vessel.

Dale says charts claim the greatest depth in the harbour is 3.5m, but that’s based on data collected in the 1970s.

He is not expecting any surprises but says when this exercise was undertaken at Fowey, they found a lost sailing boat wreck.

Dale says the information will be beneficial for the confidence of both visitors and boatman and he hopes that a rolling programme of survey work can then be established in future years.

The data can also be sold back to the Hydrographic Office.