New Grimsby Waiting Room To Be Refurbished

The current waiting room at New Grimsby Quay

A building on New Grimsby Quay on Tresco is set to be refurbished.

Planning permission has been granted to improve the waiting room, demolish and rebuild the toilets, and construct a new porch. The new building will actually be smaller than the current one by 7sqm.

The original plan was to make additions to the building in granite but, unusually, the Chief Planning Officer, Craig Dryden asked for it to be in render.

This was due to an informal request from English Heritage, who say that the building has some historical significance, being of World War I vintage and part of the flying boat station.

They think render will be more in keeping with its military heritage.

Craig also asked that a photographic record be made of the building in its current state for archive purposes.

Councillor Marian Bennett supported the amendments saying the building is “well past its sell by date. “

She said the refurbishment would meet the high standards of visitors to Tresco.