Hobby Fishermen Agree Voluntary Pot Limit

The islands’ hobby fishermen and women have agreed to voluntarily restrict the number of pots each person has for landing lobster and crab.

15 attendees agreed a self-imposed limit of 10 pots at a meeting held upstairs in the Bishop and Wolf on Wednesday night.

The greatest number of pots owned by attendees was 12.

Sea Fisheries Officer, Steve Watt, chaired the session and said professional fisherman, who pay a license to fish, have alleged that hobbyists have been selling their catch.

That’s illegal and if anybody is caught passing on theirs to a commercial fisherman for re-sale, Defra could impose a £50,000 fine.

Steve says the quota of 10 pots will be discussed by the IFCA board next month and he hopes that, if it is accepted, the setting of a costly by-law will be unnecessary.

If bylaws are passed, pot ownership details could be marked on the line above.

The hobby fishing group isn’t a formal body yet but another meeting is likely to be convened early in January where moves may be taken to set up an official group.