Sports Hall Unlikely To Open This Year

Problems found with floor at Carn Gwaval site

The new sports hall at Carn Gwaval is unlikely to open until next year.

This is following the discovery that the existing floors within the old Carn Gwaval primary school were substandard requiring a new damp proof membrane and new floor to be laid.

Project Manager, Phil Osmond, says this is “a specialist task, involving specialist material and equipment.”

He added, “At present Kier Western are attempting to secure resources to undertake this work.”

In a statement from the Council, Deputy Chief Executive Neville Gardner described the delay to the opening of the sports hall as “unfortunate.”

He said the Council had been working closely with Kier to arrange for specialist subcontractors to carry out the work, adding they will be on site from the 22nd November, but declined to give a new opening date for the sports centre.

The facility was originally slated for hand over to the Council on 21st October, which was then delayed a second time to 7th November, with a weekend of sporting events planned from the 11th November.

The current delay means the sports hall is unlikely to be ready before the New Year.