Search Is On For New Police Special Constable

The islands’ police team have launched a campaign to find a new Special constable.

Sergeant Colin Taylor says the team has only one Special officer, Merryn Smith, following the departure of Lucy Mapplethorpe over the summer and having another Special, particularly another female, available would relieve some of the pressure on the team.

Colin says a Special constable carries the same powers as a full officer while on duty and the role in Scilly is very much to support the local team, especially during evening patrols.

A Special would also play an invaluable role if there was a major incident on the islands or during routine activities like a house search where more officers are required.

He says they’re looking for someone with integrity, a sense of humour, a good work ethic and who can respect other people’s privacy. The person should also have a reasonable level of fitness.

Full training will be provided, both here and in Exeter, to get the candidate up to the same level of proficiency as a regular officer.

Anyone interested in applying should talk to Colin, Mat, Marc or Shirley at St Mary’s police station and more information on the role is available on the Devon and Cornwall Police website.