Gig Club Agrees Random Allocation Of Boats Next Year

The allocation of gigs to individual crews was a key discussion point at the St Mary’s Gig Club AGM, held at the Scillonian Club yesterday.

Members accepted a proposal put forward by Club Chair, Jess Vian that gigs will be allocated to crews by a random lottery next year, which was felt to be much fairer than the current system, where crews can keep the same boat for many seasons.

An alternative proposal, that the slowest gigs are given to the fastest crews and vice versa, was rejected as being too difficult to implement and open to bias.

It was also agreed that the full crew of six rowers and a coxswain should be signed up, and subs paid, before being entered into the draw for a boat.

Treasurer, Jeremy Pearson, felt this would help with the more timely collection of subs as there would be a clear deadline to aim for.

Crews would also be responsible for maintenance of the boat they have been allocated that season.

In her Chairman’s Report, Jess told members it had been a memorable year for the club, with highlights including meeting the Queen during her visit in June and the excellent performance of Club crews at this year’s World Pilot Gig Championships.

Jeremy told the meeting that Club finances looked healthy although this was in large part due to the money received from the sale of the Tregarthen’s gig to the Loosdrecht club in Holland.

He said there were still significant payments to be made for the Tregarthen’s replacement, currently being built by Peter Martin at Porthloo, and warned that around 50% of underlying club income came from donations rather than fees.

Members agreed to make repairs to the roof of the gig shed at Porthloo and repaint the Emma Louise, which is showing severe deterioration of her varnish, although the final colours and extent of the paintwork is still to be finalised.

The Club will also need to fund repairs to the Bonnet although it’s unknown how much this will cost until it’s checked by Peter Martin.

Members discussed allowing the Lyonesse and Dauntless gigs, which are longer than standard boats and classed as ‘racing gigs’, to race as full members during the season. There was also some concern about how to allocate points and trophies to crews that switched boat mid season.

However, it was felt that these points required discussion with the off-island clubs and Andy King proposed that they arrange a joint Association meeting, which was well received by members.

The Club agreed the appointment of 9 members to the new committee. Both the Chair, Jess and Vice Chair, John Bird are stepping down this year and Jeremy thanked them for their hard work for the club.

Neither role was filled during the meeting.