Pepper Spray Used In Hugh Town Arrest

Pepper spray was used to subdue a man during an arrest outside the Slip Inn on Saturday.

The man, in his 40’s, was arrested by Sergeant Colin Taylor following an alleged disorder in the street outside the St Mary’s pub shortly after midnight.

He was held in custody and released on bail early on Saturday morning, to attend Camborne at a date in December.

He has since left the island, as has a second man who is related to him and who was involved in an alleged altercation before police attended, but who was not arrested at the time.

Enquiries are ongoing and witnesses are providing accounts to assist in this.

Colin says several members of the public were present and witnessed events, some of whom may have taken photographs. He has asked anyone with photos or movies to contact him at St Mary’s police station.

Colin has also thanked Izzy Capo, Richard Mills and Mark Jones who assisted him in effecting the arrest and without whom, he says, he would have had considerably greater difficulty in bringing the disorder to a swift and safe conclusion.

He reminds the public that if they ever require rapid police attendance they should ring 999 as opposed to the local station number or contacting an officer directly.


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