Council Tourism Team Member Leaving Role

Sophie Hughes from St Mary's TIC

One of the islands’ tourism team is leaving Scilly for a job promoting Stonehenge and Salisbury.

After 9 years on the islands, Sophie Hughes will take up a similar role at Visit Wiltshire.

Sophie says she will retain a connection with Scilly and came here because of strong family ties.

She holidayed on St. Agnes every year from 3 months to 16 years of age and says her earliest memories are “standing in Beady Pool up to my knees in chilly water watching the shrimps dance on my toes’.”

Sophie returned to Scilly in 2003 after University to work at the Atlantic Hotel and has also worked behind the bar at The Mermaid sharing pint pulling duties with her daytime boss, the former Tourism Officer, Steve Watt.

Sophie’s main tourism duties has been working with visiting cruise ships, developing the brochure and managing the TIC.

Her greatest personal achievement was being awarded the South West Customer Service Excellence award in 2008.

Sophie says she has always believed in the holiday product of Scilly and she hopes that Scilly will continue to be able to attract new markets, and particularly families, in order to rejuvenate its offering.

She says “I hope I will always be an ambassador for Scilly wherever I am.”

Sophie says her replacement will take up the position in an “exceptionally exciting time in tourism on Scilly.”

Sge says whoever gets the job should “get under the skin of Scilly” and revisit the old stories told by the old boys on the slip that epitomise the “golden days” whilst engaging with businesses.

But she adds that new marketing campaigns need to be put in place to reposition the product to visitors and to competitors.