Watchdog Asked To Report On Medical Transport Problems

The Link offices in Hugh Town

The islands’ health watchdog, Link for Scilly, has been asked to put together a report on how our transport problems affect islanders’ access to health care.

Council Officer Aisling Hick says the information could be used by the Council’s Economic Development team when arguing for Government support for our travel infrastructure, as there are health inequalities caused by transport.

At Monday’s Council Health Meeting, Aisling gave the example of a chemotherapy patient who was forced to make a nine-hour trip on the Gry Maritha to make an appointment in February because fog prevented flying.

More powerful information would be collected for a case for the Equalities Commission.

There are concerns that some consultants are following a “three strikes and you’re out policy” and that’s not fair if patients can’t get there because of transport problems.

Councillor Amanda Martin said she had experienced this when fog meant she couldn’t get to the mainland and she didn’t even get another “strike” but was put to the back of the waiting list. What should have been a July appointment went back to December.

The Link will work on collecting data by January.