School Up For Big Science Prize

The Five Islands School

The Five Islands School could win £15,000 next year because of an innovative teaching idea from a member of staff.

Earlier this year, a data collection project created by Julian Morell won the school £6,000 in a contest sponsored by Rolls Royce.

The project involves pupils collecting information on the islands’ ecosystems and using the recording of wildlife data to tie in science, IT and maths classes.

The children will monitor biodiversity and look at how the school footprint has affected the wetlands. They’ll also monitor nitrate levels.

Now, they are up against nine other schools for a bigger cash prize and Julian says the Five Islands School project is unique because it covers all age groups within the school.

Next week Julian and headteacher Bryce Wilby will meets Rolls Royce officials and dine at the Science Museum before they are bussed to Derby for a tour around the company’s HQ.

As well as the cash prize, the winners will get a day with the Red Arrows and Julian says that would be the best prize of all.