Local Man Receives Drink Driving Ban

Magistrates' Court at the Old Wesleyan Chapel

A local man has received a 12-month driving ban after pleading guilty to drink driving.

20-year old university student, Conor Maybrey, of Branksea Close, St Mary’s, was arrested after police were called to a car accident at Maypole at around 2:15am on 20th August 2011.

PC Mat Collier, who responded to the call, found Mr Maybrey sitting on the bank beside the car, “which had substantial accident damage to the front”, Prosecutor Alison May told the court.

PC Collier recognised Mr Maybrey, and said he appeared drunk. He told PC Collier that he had “wanted to go to Deep Point to watch the stars” and also said he had been “an idiot.”

Mr Maybrey was subsequently found to have a blood alcohol level of 117mg per 100ml. The legal limit is 80mg per 100ml.

During interview, Mr Maybrey said he’d had 3 pints of beer at the pub and a few bottles at the disco. He said after leaving the disco, he realised he’d run out of tobacco and went out to find some.

Mr Maybrey said he had been driving to Deep Point when he lost control of the vehicle on a sharp bend.

The court heard that Mr Maybrey had been fully compliant both at the scene and during interview. He also pleaded guilty to drink driving at the earliest time possible.

In his statement, Mr Maybrey said it had been “the biggest mistake he’d made in his life and he was ready to receive the full punishment of the law.”

Mr Maybrey received a 12 month driving ban, which will be reduced to 9 months if he undertakes a drink driving rehabilitation course.

He was also fined £150, reduced to £100 for his early guilty plea, £15 victim surcharge and £40 costs.

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