Choral Society May Have To Disband Without New Members

St Mary’s Choral Society may have to disband after almost 60 years of singing, if they can’t find new members.

Musical Director, Len Michel, says the group is looking for some younger members to join, particularly men.

There are only four men left in the Society and he says this is making it difficult – they can’t even have separate tenor and bass parts any more.

Len says he’s concerned for the future of the Society, as the average age of the members is “getting on a bit”.

The Choral Society was formed in 1952 by a merger of the former Anglican and Methodist choirs and at their peak had 40 members, around a dozen of those being men.

Len knows there are some very good young singers on the islands but thinks the term “choral” might be putting off youngsters. He says it’s not all serious stuff and their ABBA tunes went down a storm with audiences at their four concerts during the summer.

He says that managing to sing a complex classical piece can also be very rewarding.

Len says you don’t need to read music and there won’t be an audition although it helps if you can hold a note.

They meet regularly to practise on Monday evenings from 7:45pm to 9:30pm

Len hopes they can find at least another four men to join the group and the society is inviting potential recruits to join them after their AGM meeting at the Church Pavilion on Monday 31st October.

He says anyone interested in singing is very welcome to come and meet the group from 8pm.