Councillors Frustrated By Ambulance Trust

Star of Life ambulance boat

Councillors are losing patience with the South West Ambulance Service Trust over what they feel is a lack of communication about the Star of Life ambulance boat.

They want paperwork detailing arrangements for working with both that service and the medical launch.

Director of Community Services, Penny Penn Howard said the situation vexes her as it may affect her team’s ability to undertake work on the off-islands.

Members say they have asked for detailed annual reports for years but they have not been forthcoming.

Councillor Amanda Martin expressed exasperation at their lack of accountability and told members it was easier getting blood out of a stone than getting a report from the Trust.

Amanda added that information on the medical launch was harder to come by since Dr Dalton retired but she hoped the new GP practice team would get involved.

There were concerns from the health watchdog Link representative Sue Williams that the Trust had cancelled proposed first-responder training sessions. She said of nine sessions planned, only two took place and the Trust gave lack of staff as an explanation.

Members decided to ask again for information from the Ambulance Trust. Councillor Richard McCarthy said they have had 5 years to do this and there needs to be a clear written agreement outlining arrangements over the use of the Star of Life and medical launch.

Members say they expect ‘a result’ in putting together a usage protocol by their next meeting in January.