Council And Hospital Closer To Launching Hub

Anita Bedford

Close working between Council Social Services and hospital staff should improve the patient experience, speed up care decisions and reduce duplication of administration.

That’s the view of one of the team working towards ‘The Hub’, a new health and social care partnership. It’s going to be working on a shadowing basis from the hospital before fully launching next year.

Anita Bedford says the hub will offer an easier way for islanders to pass on concerns about neighbours with a single point of contact.

From Radio Scilly

Anita Bedford talks to Keri Jones about The Hub

The plan should simplify the administration and bureaucracy with just two teams, based at the hospital and Park House, responsible for all services.

Anita says the pooling of NHS and Council skills has made a real difference and people shouldn’t be afraid of the change, which she thinks will deliver a better service to the public.