Effects Of Climate Change On Scilly Explained

David Senior, the Council's Climate Change Officer

Islanders will get an insight into how global warming or changing weather patterns could affect and shape our islands in a lecture this evening.

The Council’s Climate Change officer, David Senior, has researched reports and data and will offer a prediction of how Scilly could be affected over the next 50 to 100 years.

The session will address the causes of climate change, how that might affect us here locally and what we can do about it.

David says there’s still a lot of scepticism about climate change but most scientist now agree there is no doubt that it’s happening, it’s just about how much and how fast.

He says Scilly has it’s own microclimate, so we’ll probably escape the worst of the hotter, drier weather expected on the mainland.

The presentation starts at 7pm at the Church Hall.