MP Pleased Referendum Call Rejected

Scilly’s MP will be pleased that calls for a referendum were rejected by MPs last night.

Andrew George says he has always supported the case for an “in or out” referendum, but now is not the time and the backbench proposal is confusing.

The MP says that holding a referendum on UK membership in the EU in the midst of a global financial crisis is dangerous and would seriously damage the national economic interest.

He says the Government should be concentrating its efforts at the moment on working with our European partners to restore stability to the Eurozone.

And if there is ever any such referendum it must be based on a straight “yes or no” question.


2 Responses to MP Pleased Referendum Call Rejected

  1. Phil October 25, 2011 at 10:24 pm

    If it had been a free vote I dare say the government would have lost, but we’ll never know. What is certain is that the government would not have been bound by the result – which begs the question ‘What were they afraid of?’. Public opinion perhaps?
    Why is it that our elected (well, almost elected) politicians treat us with such contempt?
    It’s high time we had a ‘NOTA’ option on the ballot papers come election time – ‘None Of The Above’.

  2. Gordon Bilsborough October 25, 2011 at 5:18 pm

    The proposed referendum on Europe would have been a golden opportunity for MPs to debate and, hopefully, renegotiate some of the more controversial clauses of the EU Treaty which are perceived to be against Britain’s interests. I am disappointed that the Government imposed a three line Whip on this item and that Andrew George followed the herd of sheep who voted against a debate.
    It should be remembered that many people have died and are still dying in order to achieve a democratic system. Let us therefore not sacrifice our own democratic principles on the altar of expediency.