Modest Plateau Achieved At Moorwell Alp

Neville Gardner shows Councillors the new pile of waste from the school

The Moorwell Alp isn’t getting any bigger, but any reductions in the rubbish pile are being offset by waste generated from the new school build.

That’s what Councillors were told at the recent General Purposes Committee meeting.

Chief Technical Officer, Neville Gardner, says his department has achieved a “modest plateau “ and “cropped the top” of the Alp.

But he said around 30 tonnes of rubble generated from the new school build has had to be dealt with and at that point Neville offered members proof. He produced a photo of the waste from the building works, adding it was “two steps forward and a pace back.”

Councillor Marian Bennett said that the Moorwell Alp was “a cause of great concern to the community” and she was keen to set a time limit of two years for it’s total removal.

She felt it was also necessary for members to make regular visits to the site so they could monitor progress “until such time that the incinerator was replaced with something capable of dealing with all the islands’ waste.”

Earlier in the meeting, Neville said the broken fan, which had stopped the incinerator from functioning over the summer period, was now fixed and at a lower cost than expected.

There were fears that the electric motor had been damaged when the fan sheared during operation in July, but this turned out to be repairable, and the plant was brought back on line at the end of August.

Neville acknowledged the work of the three staff members on site who had made a significant contribution to limiting the cost and downtime associated with the repair. The final repair bill was £6,963.

However, Neville warned that there would be further downtime during December to replace a conveyor belt component, which has become worn out, at a cost of £21,000.

He said replacing this in December, at a quiet time of the year, should cause least disruption to operations.

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