Brewery Manager Taking Job On Mainland

John McKitterick from the Atlantic Hotel

After almost eight years in the job, St Austell Brewery’s senior manager on the islands is leaving for a new role on the mainland.

John McKitterick will leave as manager of the Atlantic Hotel on November 25th to take up a similar role at the Mason’s Arms in Branscombe, East Devon, which is also part of St Austell Brewery.

Nobody has been recruited to take over the St Mary’s position as yet.

John says the move brings mixed emotions. He says he’ll be sad to leave the islands and at first he was reluctant to leave, but says he’s been to look at the Mason’s and is excited by the potential it offers.

John added that, while the downturn in tourism is being felt here on Scilly, this hasn’t influenced his decision to move.

There shouldn’t be disruption for tour parties visiting the Atlantic Hotel next year as everything gets organised well in advance.

John says there will be lots of changes over the next season, with new management in the Atlantic Hotel and Inn and new tenants in the Bishop and Wolf pub.

John is currently vice captain of St Mary’s golf club and would have been captain next year.

He’s offered his resignation to the club and in that letter suggests that Dennis Milligan continues for another year.