Council Seeks Funding For Water Improvement Projects

Buzza reservoir is included in improvement projects

The Council is seeking cash for several water improvement projects on the islands.

But they’ll need to complete the projects before the end of March if they want to access the money.

Councillor’s at Tuesday General Purposes Committee heard that the Technical Services Department, who look after water supplies on St Mary’s and Bryher, will seek funding for new bore wells, new water tanks and a UV treatment system for Bryher, as well as refurbishment of Buzza reservoir and installation of nitrate monitoring equipment on St Mary’s.

Part of the Buzza reservoir improvements would mean fitting a pressure control valve, to allow it to be isolated for maintenance without affecting people’s supplies.

Chief Technical Officer, Neville Gardner, said the bid for the cash was suggested by the Drinking Water Inspectorate, who visited during the summer to check water quality on St Mary’s and Bryher.

They recommended trying to access funding from Defra to improve water quality on the islands.

Neville’s report to Councillors stated that “water quality continues to be maintained to a high standard” but Councillor Richard McCarthy asked about comments regarding the taste of drinking water that occurred over the summer.

Radio Scilly received a number of complaints from residents of St Mary’s complaining of a strange taste to the water.

However, Neville told members that he hadn’t received a single complaint about water quality up to the point the comments were aired, and only one afterwards.