Planning Granted For Heliport Supermarket

Penzance heliport

British International Helicopters will be able to sell their Penzance heliport site to Sainbsury’s to build a supermarket there.

Cornwall Councillors spent around two and a half hours debating the application yesterday and for a while it looked like it was going to be close.

However, it was pointed out to Councillors that there were no grounds for rejection and when the vote came, there was majority support, with Councillors backing the plans 13 votes to 5.

The Assistant Head of Planning, Nichola Stinson, pointed out that British International Helicopters would leave the site whether or not it was approved.

Penzance East Councillor, Ruth Lewarne, alleged that BIH would not continue with the St Erth application even if Sainsbury’s change of use was approved, saying it was “not part of their game plan.”

British International Helicopters Chief Executive, Tony Jones says he’s pleased they’ve got this first step in the process out of the way, but they now have to focus on the move to St Erth.

He says we can all now breathe a sigh of relief.