Islands Could Be Best Place In UK For Solar Power

A Scillonian man feels so passionately about the potential for solar power on our islands, he’s travelled non-stop from south Australia to attend today’s sustainable energy session at the Church Pavilion from 8pm.

Jason Hicks, who operated as an electrician before emigrating to Adelaide after his wedding, has installed over 1000 solar systems and is a convert, claiming he’s paid no electricity bills down under for the past six months.

And believes islanders could gain similar benefits.

Jason says Scilly’s weather conditions and location makes it one of the best places in the UK for solar power generation.

From Radio Scilly

Hear Jason talking about solar power

He says the panels have been considered unsightly in the past, but new technologies and designs mean you can now harness the power of the sun so discretely that people may never know they are there.

Jason is totally enthused by the potential for solar power and told us that, moving away from the islands and seeing how popular solar is in other countries, has shown him how far behind Britain is in adopting the technology.