Water Consumption Mystery Solved

A mysterious surge in water consumption on St Mary’s over the past year has been explained.

It was a leak under someone’s house.

Chief Technical Officer, Neville Gardner, told Councillors at yesterday’s General Purposes Committee that his department started to notice a spike in water consumption in December last year, when water usage rose by around 70% compared to the previous year.

Neville said at first they thought this was due to the new school build.

It was only after he hired a mainland leak detection company during the summer and purchased a ground-penetrating microphone that picks up the sound of leaks, that a massive leak within an unnamed property on the island was discovered.

The owner has since rectified the leak and water consumption has reduced back to normal levels.

Neville says the new equipment has also detected a modest leak on a valve supplying the Garrison reservoir.

His department intends to fix this leak during the winter season but warned it’s likely the supply will be shut down to a “large section” of Hugh Town. It’s intended the interruption will be for a short time only, sometime in December.