Police Carry Out Roadworthiness Checks

Drivers were breathalysed yesterday as part of vehicle roadworthiness checks made on St Mary’s by mainland traffic officers.

Sergeant Colin Taylor says the visiting PC and specialist civilian police worker began pulling over goods and public service vehicles like private hire taxis and buses.

During the day, 29 vehicles were inspected and eight prohibitions issued.

The police give the driver a fixed time period in which to get repairs made. One of the vehicles, a private car, had more serious problems and could be off the road permanently.

Bald tyres were one of the most common problems found.

Colin says no fines were issued and he says most of the professional vehicles were found to have been maintained to a high standard.

Of the four drivers breathalysed, all gave negative samples.

Police say everyone stopped has been highly cooperative. The inspection team will not be going to the off islands this time.