New Roof Garden For Park House Residents

Mike Nelhams planting the roof garden yesterday

Park House residents will be able to enjoy a new rooftop garden next summer.

Yesterday, Mike Nelhams, the curator of the Abbey Gardens personally planted flowers and plants donated by Tresco Estate.

Mike says it’s a very nice roof space and ideal for residents to use in the summer, but it was looking a bit dull. So the Council have provided planting boxes while Tresco have donated the plants.

Mike says it’s a windy spot, so he’s chosen plants that will tolerate the conditions. He’s selected bright flowering plants that will grow all year and he thinks the roof area will be a more attractive place to sit with the white, pink and yellow flowers he has planted

Mike says it’s not the first time he’s created a roof garden. He planted a whole building of roof spaces when he was a student but he says that was on a different scale altogether!