Group To Help Elder Residents Being Relaunched

Beryl Read will lead the lead the relaunched group

A community group recognised by the Queen for the difference it makes to elderly islanders is being relaunched.

Marian Bennett set up Island Response – a pool of volunteers prepared to help elderly residents with everyday activities or to provide social interaction.

Three years ago the group was presented with the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service and fellow co-ordinator, Beryl Read, is taking a leading role as Marian now has a full Council workload.

Beryl is looking to boost volunteer numbers. She’s asking people for around an hour per week and the range of activities include reading, writing letters or Christmas cards, shopping, going for walks with residents or sitting with somebody during the evening.

From Radio Scilly

Beryl talks about the relaunch of Island Response

She says there are some elderly people without relatives on the island who have no-one to help and she says the activity is hugely rewarding for both sides.

Beryl says they’d like to relaunch the group and invite current and potential volunteers to celebrate their successes and confirm their free time. The Council will provide administration support to match available helpers with residents in need.

The group originally had about 15 to 20 people on their list, but Beryl says they’re down on numbers as some people have left the islands and they’re a bit thin on the ground on the off-islands.

She says anyone is welcome to help, from school age upwards.