New School PTA Holds First Meeting

The Five Islands School

The new Five Islands School PTA has met for the first time.

The new chairman is parent of two, Rich Kendrick, who spent 15 years as a youth and children’s worker and he hopes his background will bring something new to the committee.

The group has announced plans for its first major fundraiser – the annual Christmas market, which will be held at the new school on December 3rd.

Rich says understands why some people may question the need to raise cash with a brand new school. He says there is always additional need and budgets do get stretched especially for the little extras.

From Radio Scilly

Hear our discussion with Rich Kendrick

He is hoping that fundraising can be driven directly by requests from the teaching staff.

Rich says the PTA is looking to mark the opening of the new school by raising cash for a specially commissioned stained-glass window and he says Oriel Hicks has already provided a design.