Truro Diocese Keen To Maintain Permanent Chaplain Position

The diocese of Truro is committed to maintaining a permanent chaplain position here.

The Bishop of Truro, Tim Thornton says the current experimental arrangement, which shares Canon Peter Walker’s time between duties on the islands and back at the cathedral, works well.

The creative solution allows Peter or a future post holder to feel more connected to the church on the mainland and ensures a two-way flow of information.

Tim says he wants to build in a sense of partnership. He doesn’t want Scilly to be a “box” that is ticked and then the islands are forgotten about.

He says he’s received good feedback on the current arrangement and he would like to build on that if and when Peter moves on.

Tim says he doesn’t want Scilly to become isolated from the mainland diocese and he feels that the cathedral will want to maintain its connection to Scilly by posting a Canon, someone who works at the cathedral, to the chaplaincy role.