Porthcressa Flats To Receive Makeover

Porthcressa Flats

The exterior of Porthcressa Flats may receive a makeover.

Councillors at Tuesday’s Community Services Committee meeting heard plans to clean up the front elevations of the flats, including work to balconies and store sheds.

Councillor Fred Ticehurst said he hoped there would be some uniformity to the design and cited the recent planning application for work to the balconies on Museum Flats, where changes could only be made to those properties owned by the Council.

Chief Planning Officer, Craig Dryden, confirmed that they may be in a similar situation with Porthcressa, although he added, even with the ownership problems, the plans for Museum Flats will make a significant improvement.

Housing Officer, Ian Hamilton didn’t think there would be a problem, saying Porthcressa Flats are a completely different design to Museum Flats, with a shared walkway rather than individual balconies.

But Councillor David Pearson said he’d like to see more individuality rather than uniformity. He said they should try to create something of architectural merit from the “60s, concrete, brutalist exterior,” and he wouldn’t be against “individual designs within an overall framework.”

Ian reassured members that, whatever design was chosen, it would ”brighten up the exterior considerably.”