New Rotarian Phone Book To Be Published

It’s been 5 years since the last local phone book was published. And an updated edition should be ready within the next month.

The directory is produced by the islands’ Rotary Club and sold to boost the club’s appeals. Local members are currently backing Bill Gates’ campaign to eradicate polio.

Tim Guthrie says there’ll be a print run of around 2000 and he hopes the price will remain at around  £5. Tim hopes everyone will pay.

He says he has been disappointed to see people photocopying the phone books as it is meant to be a fundraiser.

The new edition will also be offered online as a pdf file. The club considered adding email addresses to locals’ mobiles but Tim said that would have required a bit too much work.

One Rotarian, Jim Johnson, has volunteered for the time-consuming and, some may say, tedious job of proof-reading the phone book.

Jim Johnson says the way they used to create the directory was to take the big phone book and go through that to extract the local names.

He says there used to be lots of errors but things are much easier these days although he says mistakes always seem to creep in.