GMB Claim Council Staff Increased In Scilly During Cutbacks

While most local authorities have lost staff because of Government cutbacks, the GMB union claims our Council’s workforce has increased by 32% over the last year.

They’ve surveyed Town and County Halls in 41 West Country authorities to present a snapshot of what the Coalition cuts mean.

Cornwall Council has fared worst, with almost 2,300 posts going. That’s over 15% of the workforce.

However, the Office of National Statistics has estimated that the number of posts in our Town Hall rose from 128 to 168 positions over the period.

That’s the Government agency’s best guess based on experience because the Town Hall hasn’t responded to a statutory request for figures on two occasions.

The union statistician says that’s extremely rare.

The Council didn’t respond to our request for a comment.

One Response to GMB Claim Council Staff Increased In Scilly During Cutbacks

  1. Mike Brown October 14, 2011 at 7:22 am

    I’m not surprised they didn’t answer, they are embarrassed!
    101,094 council jobs have been lost in England since May 2010 that’s about 6.4% of the total workforce. But our council claimed that it couldn’t recruit some posts so it gave those posts a nice pay rise. It then went even further and rewarded all of the top brass with a handsome salary boost.